Sunday Worship Online

A Self-Directed Liturgy will be posted on this website every Sunday.

To find the Liturgy look for a link on the "Home" page.  You may also hover the cursor over the menu item at the top called "Worship Online," and select the worship indicated by the date (e.g. May 3, 2020).

Also, you are invited to join others to worship together on a Zoom Video Call.  To do so, you must register first.  After you register, a link will be emailed to you, from which you can join the Zoom Call.  It is best to register well before Sunday!

Sign-Up and Connect Here

Worshiping Together, Still

These are dire times.  As a church we are striving to keep doing what we're called to: to worship, serve, love and exalt Jesus our king.  While it is extremely strange and difficult not seeing one another, and while we long for the day when we're back together again, we will do the best we can.  It is what many of us our doing, the best we can, with our families, with our work, with the weight that's bearing down on all of us. 

Below are just some pointers and ideas for you to consider as you prepare to join us online to worship.

One last thing: Please help us to remember those who can not 'log on' with you, with many of us.  This is the most obvious limitation of worshiping online.  Some of our brothers and sisters cannot easily access this webpage, or know how to navigate the internet.  If you think of them, please reach out to them and connect with one of the pastors, so we can too. 

Let's continue to worship the Lord our God, the Maker of heaven and earth, our Everlasting God who was, and is, and is to come!

                                                                        In the Grace of Christ,

Pastor Jason

Worship Covers

We have been recording worship covers for our online liturgy page. 

Watch the Covers

When and Where?

Each Sunday a team of worship leaders create an order of service, or a "liturgy", which gives structure and direction in our worship of God.  We post this liturgy onto this website each Sunday, and we invite you to join us, as you are able, at 9:00am, our regular worship time.  If you cannot join us at this time, you are most welcome and encouraged to worship, using the liturgy at anytime. 

The links to the liturgies can be found at the top of this website under the section: Worship Online.  A link will also be posted at the top of the home page, all the time.

Check out one of our past liturgies here:  e.g. March 22, 2020.

Self-Guided Liturgy

The liturgy is designed so that you may simply scroll down the page, and engage in each element as they appear. 

At times, you may see a Scripture text - here, you simply read. 

At other moments, you may see a link to a video, which may be a song to sing along with, or a message to hear - simply click to begin. 

Most importantly, we invite you to engage with God, in reflection and prayer, in rejoicing and lament - all with hearts full of praise.

Join Our Zoom Video Call

Every Sunday, Pastor Jason will be hosting a Zoom Video Call, where he will guide the liturgy.  You're welcome to join!

A link to the Zoom Call will be posted at the top of the Home Page on Sunday at 8:45am. 

If you're unfamiliar with Zoom, visit to find out more.

Only, For Now

Again, we long for the time when we can meet once again at 10100 No. 1 Road, so we can see each other, join our voices together, pray together.  But, until then, let us keep praying to God for mercy and healing, for comfort and courage, for this pandemic to end, and end soon.