Awana Virtual Club will return in September!

Awana Virtual Club ends on May 29 as your leaders are taking a break during the summer. We will return on Sept 18, 2020. 

Re-Registration is required to participate in 2020/2021 Club Year. Register by June 14, 2020.

Register for 2020-2021 Awana Club

Zoom Instructions

Here are steps to get you set up with Zoom, our video call service, so that you can join our virtual Children's Ministry.

  • What is Zoom?

    Zoom is the video calling service that we will be using to allow us to meet together every week. 

    It's completely free to use! 

  • Which devices can I use Zoom on?

    You can use Zoom on almost any device. For the best experience, use Zoom on your laptop (provided that your laptop has a webcam). 

    Click on the link below to download the app:

  • How do I join the virtual Children's Ministry?

    An email with the link to join will be emailed to you on Friday morning.

    Once you click on the link, you will be magically connected to the meeting!


    We want to keep this virtual club space as safe as the physical club space at church. Please keep your webcam on during the call. We may remove you from the call if we cannot identify who you are or when actions go against our child protection policies. Thanks!

  • Getting ready to join the virtual Children's Ministry

    • Find a space that isn't too distracting. 
    • Make sure everyone in your family can see the screen as we will be displaying lyrics and instructions on screen. 
    • Have your Bible! You'll be needing it during the call.
  • Tips to help you during the virtual Children's Ministry

    • Switch to the Gallery View so that you can see everyone.
    • You will be muted when you enter the call.
      Before you speak, press the UNMUTE button.
    • Please MUTE when you finish talking.
      (Don't worry if you forget as a leader will help mute you) 
    • If you want to speak, raise your hand using the Hand Reaction in Zoom, or type in chat.