Transitional Process Updates 過渡事工過程更新

Information about on Transitional Ministry including our search for a Transitional Pastor and Transitional Coach will be updated here.


The Board of Elders have worked with the Canadian Pacific District to engage with Pathways Forward to support our church in seeking our next Senior Pastor. Pathways Forward is a ministry that aims to help churches navigate seasons of change.

長議會與加拿大太平洋區會磋商,邀請 Pathways Forward以協助我們尋找下一任主任牧師 。Pathways Forward事工成立的目的就是要協助宣道會的眾教會在缺乏主任牧師的情況下依然繼續福音的工作。

Last Updated: October 11, 2203


The Board of Elders will be meeting a potential Transitional Coach candidate on November 17, 2023.

Please pray for this meeting where we will together discern if this is a good fit for the candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  常見問題

  • Has the decision to hire a Transitional Pastor and Transitional Coach been made already?

    Yes, the Board of Elders decided in July to proceed with the process of hiring both roles. 

  • Has this process ever been used in a multi-cultural, multi-language, multiple congregational church? 

    Not in this exact scenario - Fraser Lands Church (similar demographics) went through a similar process in succession planning for their Senior Pastor.  

  • How can we (congregation) participate in this process? 

    The congregation will be key to helping answer the 7 guiding questions (see Presentation) and will be invited to participate in the coming months once a Transitional Coach has been hired. 
    會眾將成為幫助回答 7 個指導性問題(請參閱簡報)的關鍵。一旦聘用了過渡教練,會眾在未來幾個月將會被邀請參與回答有關問題。

  • How long will it take to hire our next Senior Pastor?

    The Transitional Process can take 6 to 18+ months. RCAC is not the only church searching for a Senior Pastor, nor have we been searching for the longest period of time. It took 3+ years to hire and have our last Senior Pastor start serving. 
    過渡過程可能需要 6 至 18 個月或以上。列宣並非是唯一的一間教會在尋找主任牧師,也不是我們尋找主任牧師的時間最長的教會。上一位主任牧師由開始聘請到正式上任,我們整整用了三年多的時間。

  • Who will pay the salary of the Transitional Pastor and Transitional Coach?

    Both roles report directly to the Board of Elders. Any salary and compensation will be paid by RCAC.